FREE DVDs at Big Lots!

Wow! This is a super easy freebie right here that I am sure a lot of us are missing out on. All you have to do is sign up for Big Lots reward and you will get a coupon in your email box for $5.00 off any DVD. This is good for DVD that are less than $5.00 too. How about that?!

[ GO HERE ] to sign up to be a Big Lots rewards member. Or if you are already a member check your email box.

Thanks to for this freebie! You rock!

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  1. I did this deal yesterday,I didn’t even know it was happening and I went shopping there,they asked me for my rewards number,I gave it and she said “would you like to pick out a free movie?” Sure so while I was going through them,she told me that a guy came through and didn’t even purchase anything,and he got his. So I am wondering if this is the same deal?

  2. Would love this.

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