FAKE Free Samples LIST [ AND How to Spot a Fake ! ]

Here’s a List of FAKE FREE SAMPLES!


  • FREE Samples in the mail = Classic Free Samples with Surveys. You will have to do endless surveys to get any free samples. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone actually get them! You’re email and phone number will be sold off to so many companies.


  • http://www.freepuff.com/ – Offer is for a Free Sample of Candy. You will not get any candy.
  • http://www.freemilliondollarbills.com/free-stuff.htm – Offer is a fake 1 million dollar bill. You will NOT get a fake 1 million dollar bill. In fact, every free sample offer on this page is FAKE.
  • https://www.facebook.com/liquidiv/ – Posted a year or two ago. I believe they STOPPED giving out Freebies a long time ago.
  • Workman’s Friend – This offer is for Handwash from this brand.. You will never see the Free Sample… Ever.
  • https://www.freezerlabels.net/free-samples  – Looks like an easy straight forward Free Sample and label but you will never get it. I don’t believe ( but you can’t be sure ) that they are trying to scam anyone. I think they just never took the form down.
  • Free L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream Sample! – You’ll never get it. It’s not associated with any business. I have no idea where this form came from.
  • Free 1st Aide Kit – You’ll Never get it. Again, I don’t think they are trying to scam you… I just think it was never taken down.
  • Free T-Shirt – You will never get this freebie in the mail. Ever. I believe it’s an old freebie.
  • Ring sizer – You won’t get it. It’s a Fake Free Sample. Sorry.
  • https://appleseedfood.com/free-samples/ – Apple Seed Free Samples ( There are a few ) – Every few months this webpage come out with some new free. I won’t lie. They look real! I even fell for one or two. This webpage is based out of india. I believe they use the fake freebies to collect email addresses and the emails but I can’t be sure. Be aware that anything that comes from APPLESEEDSFOOD is FAKE!
  • InTur Travel Agency offer – Anything from this webpage : http://www.intur.su is 100% FAKE! YoFreeSamples.com did some digging to find out that this company is from an apartment build in RUSSIA. It’s totally a 100% FAKE FREEBIE and I urge you to stay away!
  • Free Shampoo Bar from Conroe Brewery – Totally Fake. You’ll never get this free sample by mail.
  • Free Sample of Geek Hand Soap – This one LOOKS so real! But it’s another Russian FAKE! Don’t fall for it – although it’s hard not to. You will never your free sample of soap and at worst your information will get sold or stolen!
  • FREE Z-Grip Ballpoint Pen! – You won’t ever get it. It looks very real and it’s easy to be fooled by it BUT It’s FAKE!
  • Fizzy Wizzies – Claims you will get 5 to 8 bathtime Fizzy Wizzies are colorful, effervescent tablets that fizz up bath water and make kids’ bath time fun and educational.- You will never get them.
  • If you find any other free sample please leave it in the comments below so I can add it to my list.
  • Baby On Board Sticker & Pin  – Claims this is good for traveling mothers… And it might be – but you will never get this item!

How To Spot a FAKE Free Sample

Product free samples are great but not all free samples are real. Knowing how to spot a fake free sample will help you save time, protect you against info theft, and malicious emails.

But who’s to say free samples aren’t great? They are and are a great way to save money.

And the great news is there are a lot of legit free samples online and offline but some scammers are out to take advantage of your desire for a free sample.

How then do you know when you’re about to be scammed with a fake free sample?

1. When a free sample is not free

It’s called a free sample for a reason. You get it absolutely free. But if a store or website wants you to pay for it, no matter how they spin it, it is probably fake.

For instance, a website may ask you to pay a small amount of money for a “processing fee” or “shipping and handling.” These types of free sample offers are often fake.

Another scenario is when you have to provide your credit card details on a website that has no track record or integrity before you can access a “free trial offer” . Often, you’d find you’ll never be able to get the free trial canceled and at worst they steal your credit card information.

2. The free sample website looks unprofessional

A quick look at a website offering the free sample can give you pointers if a free sample is fake.

The few things to look out for are:

  • No real product on the website besides the free sample.  And the free sample product does not really exist.
  • The site has many advertisement and forms that will submit without any info filled in.
  • And after submitting the form the website pop-up unrelated advertisement
  • The Website is a clone/copy of a legitimate business website
  • A website created within the past few months and is often a subdomain (e.g . freesample.ebay.com)

3. Free sample requires personal information you aren’t comfortable sharing

It is not uncommon for a free sample website to require, at a minimum, that you provide your name and address. This is acceptable information to require because they need this information to mail the free sample to you.

But if you feel they asking for too much information, then they are and should walk away from such free sample.

4. No company behind the free sample

Reliable companies give out free samples of their products so create demand for the product. They give you to use in the hope that you’d like it and then go to a store to buy it.

But a fake free sample often doesn’t have a company behind it. Or when it does have a company name, it often doesn’t have an address or the company registered to the address doesn’t exist.

Also, the company telephone number doesn’t work or its a personal cell phone.

5. When the free sample is too good to be true

Most freebies are only worth a few dollars. Occasionally there are freebies worth a bit more.

You should begin to get suspicious of a free sample if its value is too good to be true. For instance a free sample worth $500 is likely fake.

Free samples are often within the limit of a giveaway value. When a small company is giving out unlimited free sample it is likely fake.

On top of that, we all know that when something is too good to be true, it often isn’t.

6. Beware of legit company with fake free sample offer

There are times when a free sample may come up on a legitimate company’s website asking for info you aren’t comfortable sharing. Chances are that the company’s website was hacked and the fake free sample put up to steal your info.

This is why it is right to always personally contact the company to confirm offer’s legitimacy.


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