Easy $350.00 Technology Study!

Hurry – run – and apply to sign up to be a part of this Technology Study by Hiveminded. Just sign up and answer a few questions. If you qualify and are chosen you will be part of a 4 day online community, the week of November 4th.  If you complete the survey, qualify and are selected, you will receive $200 as a thank you!  There will also be a 2nd part of the study with an opportunity to provide additional input and earn an additional $150 a couple weeks later!  Thank you for your time and have a great day!  Keep in mind that not everyone who signs up will be chosen. Also, I highly recommend that not only do you sign up for this study, but also sign for Hive minded ! It’s one of the best market research companies out there!

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[ GO HERE ] to sign up for Hive Minded!

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