Ok… Who LOOOOOVES Dollar General Penny Items? This list was JUST released a few days ago – so you have a great chance at finding these items.

BUT before you check out the list there are a few things you should know.

  1. 1st and foremost – PENNY ITEMS ARE A SECRET. Do not ask an employee about them. DO NOT ARGUE with an employee if they don’t ring up a penny.  PENNY ITEMS ARE A SECRET.
  2. What are penny items? They are items that SHOULD be removed from the sales floor. They are not really ” suppose ” to be sold.
  3. BRING a copy of the Dollar General Policy of Penny Items with you ( It’s below so you can print it out. ). The store – according to their Policy – HAS to sell you the items.
  4. If you find Penny Items put all the ones you want in your cart at once. Why? Because their policy states that they must sell you ” what’s in your cart”. If you find 1 item, you can’t go back from more.
  5. DO NOT ASK a sales associate ” Where are your penny items? ” or ” Is this a penny item? ” . This is because these ARE ITEMS THAT WERE SUPPOSE to be removed. So, they are NOT SUPPOSE TO BE ON the floor. If you find them that means they are not doing their job correctly. 
  6. Study items, Bar codes, packaging and tags. IT ALL MATTERS!
  7. Not all stores will have penny items! It’s treasure hunt. If you don’t like treasure hunting this not for you!
  8. Just because it’s on this list DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE a penny item. There are no guarantees!
  9. HAVE FUN! This should be fun! 
  10. Dollar General Uses a code system. The Cost System is important to understand when searching for items. See below for a chart!

Understand the tags… 

P – Spring
SU – Summer
FA – Fall
WI – Winter

11 – 2011
12 – 2012
13 – 2013

So if the tag says, ” P11″ it’s SPRING, 2011 .

So, here we go! Take with you THIS LIST, The Penny Item Policy and ” The Cheat Sheet ” !


#1. YOUR Penny List. The # are the UPC Code on each item. These items * Should * be a penny. 


#2. The Penny Policy! Print this. 

Thanks to to this image!

#3. Guide To Understanding The Tags.


  1. Is there a list of items that’s not 7 years old??

  2. I can’t wait to go shoppimg.. When does it begin and end?. is it every year??

  3. Go to Facebook and join Dollar General Penny Club, you get a fresh list every Tuesday.

  4. i cant see the list for some reason .

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