Attention Parents! FREE Kids Books – TOTALLY FREE !

Love this FREEBIE! Here is how this Freebie of a free book works. What you have to do is [ go here ] choose two books to add to your summer reading list. These can be any books you’ve had your eye on, or you can follow our guide below:

1. One book for fun!

  • This book has MANY possibilities! For this option, you can choose a story that you’ve had your eye on but just haven’t found the time to get to reading. Whether it’s a mystery, fantasy, or true story, this book should be from a genre you love that you know you’ll enjoy till the end!

2. One book to learn

  • This book can teach you about anything you’d like! Whether it’s about health, learning a new language, or even a historical novel, learning during summer break is a great way to keep your mind on high gear.

NEXT, once you have your two books picked out, comment below and email us your shipping information. We will ship you a brand new ZoLi tote bag to hold your best summer reads


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