WANT MORE Direct Shippers? I have the BIGGEST List online of 391+ Direct Shippers! [ CLICK HERE to see it! ]. For all of you who LOVE Direct Ship Stuff A nice person just EMAILED me … They need people to sign up! They only have about 1,000 items to send out. The Free products will  be received it in 4-8 weeks after filled out the link.

What is direct shipping? 

The idea is that online sellers have a surplus of inventory. It costs the seller money to let it sit in  warehouses. For overseas sellers it may cost them a TON to have the ware house that holds their inventory a ton to have the warehouse ship the surplus inventory back to them. That’s where you come in! The sellers are looking for people to unload some of there surplus inventory to – FOR TOTALLY FREE!  This person could be you!

⚠️WARNING⚠️: Direct Shipping DOES go against Amazon’s Terms of Service. If you get caught you risk loosing your Amazon account. Additionally, I CAN NOT guarantee you are going to get anything or that these people are legit. Enter your own information at 100% your own risk. ALSO – NEVER. EVER. EVER. Send anyone money, credit card information or passwords! EVER. Sign up totally at your risk.

==> After you have read ALL of the above [ CLICK HERE ] to sign up! 

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  1. I hope that I will get lots of free item, looking farword to getting the boxes.

  2. Would love too get freebies please

  3. Excited about what I’m going to get

  4. Dear Freebie Lady, I Just Wanted To Let You Know I Watched Your Christmas YouTube Video More Than One Time I Was Really Trying To Take It All In Because Christmas Is Going To Be So Tight In The Dove Household I Also Wanted You To Know I Have Been Trying To Do Pinch Me For Awhile I Don’t Know If I’m Doing Something Wrong Or If It’s My Phone Or Their Service & They Show Up In My Gmail But For Some Reason I Can Never Place An Order With Them I Also Didn’t Get To See Your List After The Video Thank You So Much I Look Forward To Spending Time With You & Getting To Know You & Learning More About Getting Free Stuff Going Into The New Year Blessings, Marcia Dove

  5. Can’t wait to start recieving a lot if freebies from this site. Ty

  6. Thank you for sharing this information it’s very handy I can’t wait to receive products in the mail

  7. Would love to get these freebies

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