HUGE List of Today’s Freebies! Updated TODAY 2/7!

Hey Freebie Squad! Good morning everyone, who’s excited for some free samples by mail, free sample from product testing, FREE Gift Cards and MUCH – Much – MUCH MORE!? HAPPY Thursday everyone ! I decided to do an huge list again of all of the today’s free samples. At the time of posting this all of the items on this list were still active and working. PLEASE – keep me posted as to how much you like these lists. They do take a bunch of time, and if you don’t care for them I will gladly stop making them. BUT if you LOVE them, I would LOVE to keep making them! I also keep getting emails and comments with people says, ” Please send me … ” or ” Why aren’t you sending me anything? ” . I also get , ” I never get anything – you are a scam. ” All of which drive me insane! Why ? Because I work SUPER hard at this blog to provide you with REAL freebie – Legit ones. NOTHING I post is a scam. EVER. If you are filling out all the forms and 6 months later you still haven’t gotten anything – then you are DOING IT Wrong. I am not sure what you are doing wrong – BUT you defiantly are. I created this blog post [ GO HERE ] to help you figure out what you might be doing wrong. Also, keep in mind, that I DO NOT SEND out the freebies myself. The point of this blog is TELL YOU ABOUT OTHER companies and ways to get free samples.

Don’t forget that I am GIVING Away a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card. ANYONE Can win!  [GO HERE] to enter to win!

Hot Deal !

Free Samples By Mail 

Easy! Fill out 1 Easy form and your Free Samples / Freebie will arrive in your mail within 4 to 6 weeks. These are Free samples that Everyone will get. All without surveys. 

How to Get REAL, Fast, FREE Amazon Gift Cards ( And Others… )

  • Fetch Rewards – This is my FAVORITE Way to get Amazon Gift Cards. If you follow these directions step by Step you will get a $4.00 Amazon Gift Card by the end.
    1. ==> Get Fetch Rewards On your phone via your app. store ( Google Play or Itunes ) 
    2. ==> ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
    3. ==> You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
    4. ==> $1.00 for scanning a receipt. 
    5. ==> $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
    6. ONLY A $4.00 Minimum to cash out ! 
  • SWAGBucks – Swagbucks is my personal favorite for getting free gift cards. It is one of the ways that I get Christmas for free every year [ GO HERE ] to see that blogpost. Just [ GO HERE ] to get started!
    • Get $10 just for signing up.
    • Then Get 50 Points ( $0.50 ) for adding their extension.
    • 100 Points for linking a card ( $1.00 ).
    • 300 Points ( $3.00 ) BONUS after you earn your 1st 300 points.
  • InstantGC – You won’t make TONS with InstantGC but it’s easy and you only need $1.00 to cash out. Just [ GO HERE ] to sign up and get started. What my blog and the side screen for ” bonus codes”. Plus, you’ll get bonus codes just for logging in often. These little amount of points add up quick after a while!
  • Raise –  Right now at Raise you can get a Free $5.00 gift card OF ANY KIND when you use my link [ GO HERE ] !  Then get your own link and share it with friend and family. This link is for a free You GIVE $5.00, you get $5.00.
  • Install Amazon Assistant and get a FREE $5.00 amazon Credit.
  • Capterra Reviews – I just did a review with them and I received the EASIEST $10 I have ever gotten from Survey’s. All you have to do is pick a brand from their list and leave a review for that brand. Once your review is approved they will send a $10 gift card. You can it 10 times for a total of $1,000 ! It is REALLY that easy!

Free Stuff from Product Testing – Free Products in exchange for an honest Review ! 

Instant Win Giveaways

I updates my list of instant win giveaways as often as I can. These giveaways will let you know instantly if you have won or lost! [ GO HERE ] to see my latest list of Instant Giveaway!

In Store Freebies – Full size Products for totally Free. You just have to go to the store that is offer it! 

Free Sample Boxes.

These are Sample boxes are FILLED with different free samples. If you want to fill up your mailbox FAST then you need to apply for All of these.  There are so many Free Sample Boxes it’s insane to me that your not getting them! 

Free Money for Market Research Testing!

Legit – REAL Surveys Webpages!

These are REAL Survey Sites. They are 100% Real. I personally have tested than all out and they will NOT scam you. 

  1. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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