It’s so hard to believe that Halloween is ONLY A few weeks away! I better get moving. I guess I’ve waited till the last minute this year because I didn’t know what Halloween was going to look like this year. I don’t even know yet we are doing? Are we trick or treating? Is someone having a party? Are we staying home? I just don’t know… But, I suppose, no matter what happens the kids will need costumes & I should get moving momma! What are YOUR Halloween plans? Let me know in the comments below. I would live to hear about them. Anyways…. Let’s get to the freebies!

Remember that I DO NOT give out the freebies. So please do not ask me to send you any freebies! 2nd ) Again, I DO NOT GIVE OUT THE FREEBIES. I know I said the same thing twice but I wanted to make sure you were listening. The list goes in order of when they were posted starting form the furthest date away ( 1 week ago ). If you like this freebies list PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment below! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  Love you all freebie Squad!

  1. 100% FREE Amazon Gift Card { $4.00 ! }
  2. Free Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle!
  3. Totally FREE $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card!
  4. Free Goodie Box By Mail ! { I got mine ! }
  5. STOP EVERYTHING! Easy – FREE $30 to Spend on ANYTHING Online!
  6. RUN! Get $80.00 worth of Beauty Item FOR ONLY $1.00 !
  7. Totally FREE Roadside Bloom Calendar! EVERYONE Will Get It!
  8. Totally FREE By Mail Anti-Oxidation sheet mask !
  9. Free Finish Jet Dry 3-in-1 Rinse Aid! SUPER EASY!
  10. Free ” Vote Climate 2020 ” Sticker !
  11. TOTALLY FREE Drink Biolyte! EVERYONE Will Get It!
  13. FREE ” VOTE ” Masks!
  14. WOW! FREE Swag for ” Midterm Survival Kit ” !
  15. FAKE FREEBIE ALERT = Milk Bones! 🦴
  16. Possible FREE Kodiak Cakes Products ( Pancakes, Ice Cream and More! ).
  17. FREE PRAY Bumper Sticker = Everyone Will Get It!
  18. 101 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards .
  19. Become a Step 2 Toy Tester!
  20. Possible Free Curl Keeper Products!
  21. Totally Free Candy in the Mail!
  22. Totally Free Face Mask Sample!
  23. Free Sesame Milk!
  24. Free Suave for Natural Hair Sample by Mail
  25. TOTALLY Free Eyeshadow Palette!
  26. Calling parents or grandparents! FREE Gift Cards for YOU!
  27. TOTALLY FREE Clothes or Accessory ! RUNNN!
  28. Free Sample of Essence Dog or Cat Food!
  29. FREE Berkshire Reversible Throw Blanket !
  30. Free Sample by Mail of Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  31. Free Sample by Mail of Emerald Kratom Powder!
  32. Free Sample of Jool’s Date Butter!
  33. Free Johnson & Johnson Products
  34. FREE Clothes or Accessories + FREE Shipping!
  35. FREE Voss Water Bottle or Other Swag!
  36. TOTALLY FREE Curbside Trick Or Treating!
  37. TOTALLY FREE Nivea Creme Tin!
  38. SUPER Easy Free Sample By Mail – Kids Protein Snack Bars!
  39. SUPER EASY! FREE REJOY Recovery Drink!
  40. Possible FREE Knife Set!
  41. Totally FREE BON APPETIT Magazine ! 10 Issues!
  42. Possible FREE VIKTOR & ROLF BONBON COUTURE Full Size Perfume!
  43. Free Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer ( BIG BOTTLE! )
  44. Totally FREE Cottonelle Wipes!
  45. Free Sample By Mail Of Dove!
  46. Free Sample By Mail of YES! Life CBD Hemp!
  47. FREE DIY Cleaning Products!
  48. EASY Free Sample – Age Perfection Foundation!
  49. $2.00 Taco Bell Gift Card! Everyone WILL Get It!
  50. NEW Direct Ship Forms!
  51. FREE SAMPLE of a TON Of ” Promo” Items!
  52. Free Mack’s Ear Plugs!
  53. Free Sample by Mail of LaRoche-Posay Sunscreen!
  54. Free Amazon Welcome Baby Box!
  55. Free Sample of Dr. Zenovia Advanced Retinol Treatment!
  56. Free CBD Coffee Sample!
  57. Free Sample by Mail of Wanderer Perfume!
  58. Free Sample by Mail of Liquid Glow Highlighter!
  59. Free Jr. NBA Magnet for Parents
  60. $10 FREE at Amazon!
  61. Free Starbucks Drinks, Food & More!
  62. Possible FREE Infantino Holiday Baby Toys!
  63. Possible Free Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water!
  64. Free Care Package for College Students!
  65. Totally FREE Z-Grip Ballpoint Pen!
  66. Possible FREE Sealy Mattress , Pillows and More!
  67. FREE Visa Gift Card ! { To Everyone! }
  68. Free Truvia Natural Sweetener Sample!
  69. Free Sun-Maid Recipe Booklets!
  70. Possible Free Zax’s Facial Redness Cream!
  71. Totally Free Oven Mitt!
  72. Possible Free Soap & Glory Lip Oil!
  73. Free VIP Product Review Program!
  74. Possible FREE Bullet Proof Latte!
  75. Join INBOX Dollars – Get FREE Gift Cards – It’s LEGIT !
  76. Totally FREE Qderma cream By Mail!
  77. 391+ DIRECT SHIP CONTACTS ! Largest LIST Anywhere ONLINE!
  78. Possible FREE Hug Blanket from Penzeys Spices!
  80. I’m On Instagram! CHECK ME OUT!!!!
  81. FREE Visa Gift Card ! { To Everyone! }
  82. Free Sample by Mail of Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  83. $10 Free at Lane Bryant!
  84. Free PayPal CASH ( Or Other Gift Cards ! ) !
  85. Free Prevail Incontinence Product Sample Kit!
  86. Totally Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film
  87. 10 Free Promise Cards!
  88. Free Beauty Bag with Free Samples!
  89. FREE 3 Piece Tender Meal at Popeye’s !
  90. Allure Beauty Boxes!
  91. EASY ! Free ” Lucky Knot ” Sticker By Mail!
  92. 405 TOTALLY FREE Stickers By Mail LIST!
  93. Pay For EVERYTHING for Christmas This YEAR! >> FREE

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