5 Ways To Get FREE Sephora!

Hey! Hey ! Everyone! With the holidays just around the corner I know we are all looking to get anything we can for FREE. After all every little bit helps, especially when your frugal ( *cough* Cheap ) like me! Here I am going to tell you 5 WAYS To Get FREE Sephora !

#1. FREE $15 at Spend AT SEPHORA { GO HERE }! PLUS, get an extra 7% Cash back on purchases above that! Offer Expires December 31st, 2020 . You all are Crazy 🤪 not to take up this offer. Just [ GO HERE ] and get started. It’s FREE money ladies! Don’t let this one go!

#2. EXPRIED. So Sorry! Right now at Sephora.com they are giving away a FREE Lip Stain! Just fill out the easy form with your name and address and in will arrive in your mailbox in just a few weeks. { GO HERE } to Snag it!

#3. Become a secret shopper for Sephora – BUT HOLD UP! Whatever you do DO NOT google ” secret shipper for sephora “. There are 1,000’s of secret shopping scams out there! And ” Sephora Secret ” Shopping is one the worst culprits for these scams. This is because everyone wants to do secret shops there AND they don’t have them in their company! Instead they use a 3rd party company. This company performs secret shops at Sephora to evaluate it’s customer service. Here is the link to the webpage { GO HERE } ( https://www.seelevelhx.com/ ) and click on ” Login As Shopper “. Then follow the directions. They sometimes have Sephora shops, and sometimes don’t.

#4. Sign Up for their Beauty Loyalty Program! You will get a FREE Sample ( or 2 or 3 ) on your Birthday. You actually don’t have to use it on your birthday! You can use it anytime of the year, but you can ONLY use it once. { GO HERE } to sign up! It’s free to sign up by the way.

#5. Just Ask for them! If you go to Sephora and ASK for free samples you will end up leaving with probably a bag FULL for freebies. It’s really that easy. It’s almost like trick or Treating … BUT at Sephora… AND no costumes are needed…

Thanks for visiting everyone. Which Sephora Freebie did you like best?


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