4 Steps To Saving 50% – 100% On ANYTHING!

If you follow me on anything then you know that Christmas is `100% FREE for me every year. No Joke. No Lie. No Exaggeration. I don’t do this by saving a certain amount of money each week, or not giving amazing gifts. In fact, its the opposite. My kids are drowning in gifts, and I even giveaway $1,000’s of dollars worth of gifts to kids in need. HOWEVER, the steps I used to do this can be used ALL YEAR round and for any occasion, anytime. Even better this 5 /4 step processes is SUPER, crazy easy! I have yet to see anyone online talking about it either.

What you should know before we get started…. Some of these links are ” give / get ” links. So basically I give you something, then I get something. When you use my links you will get a discount or cash back, and so will I. If that bothers you then go to google and search for someone else link. However, know that you have to use SOMEONES link in order for these easy steps to work.


  • Step 1 ( More like Step 1 a. ) . Identify the items you want. The 1st time you do these steps I recommend you start off with something with a higher prices tag. For instance I used these steps to get my kids two $200 tablets for Christmas. 
  • Step #1 : Sign Up for Rakuten ( formally Ebates ) HERE. You will get $10.00 cashback on your 1st purchase. If you are already a member either skip this step or sign your husband up! This number changes depending on what promotion they are doing. It was JUST $25.00 CASH BACK. 
  • Step #2 : Sign Up for JoinHoney.com { HERE } . JoinHoney does 3 things for you to save money…..
    1. It will tell you the LOWEST Price the item has EVER Been. You are going to want to watch the price and buy when it’s LOW. Not when it’s high. 
    2. It will automatically Put in Coupon Codes at check out for you! No searching for Coupon Codes! So, MORE discounts. 
    3. You will get a small % back on your purchase. 
  • Step #3 : Sign up for these SUPER easy gift card earning apps. They are so easy! I use them everyday. I save my points then use these techniques and cash in when the time is right!
    • Fetch Reward! Its app. on your phone . You get points for taking a picture of your receipts and you can link up online stores to get points back from Online stores too! USE my referral Code: U8EWC  TO GET THE $3.00 Gift Cards automatically after you scan 1 receipt! 
    • [ CLICK HERE ] to get SWAGBUCKS. You will get $3.00 In gift Cards just for signing up, and Another $1.00 if you install the ” swagbucks Bar ” . 
    • [ GO HERE ] To sign up for MyPoints. Very similar to SwagBucks. They are both great! Find out which out you like better. 
    • [ GO HERE ] to sign up for InstaGC. Probably one of the easiest places online to earn gift cards! The best part about it is you can cash out at $1.00! 
  • Step #4 : Use A discount Gift Card store to buy a gift card for the store you are buying the item at! I LOVE Raise.com [ GO HERE ] Because when you use my link you will automatically Get $5.00 OFF ! So,  That’s $5.00 OFF PLUS another % off when you buy the card! 

So, lets recap here….

  • $10 to $25 Off  ( Cash Back ) from Ebates! 
  • Small % Back from Honey. 
  • Determine the LOWEST Price from Honey. 
  • MORE Discount with Honey Coupon Codes at check out! 
  • Used FREE Gift Cards to pay for Remaining Balance. 
  • If you any amount left over GET even more off with a DISCOUNTED Gift Card. 
  • Get $5.00 Off that already discounted Gift Card From Raise! 

Let me know what you get and what % you got off using these steps! 

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