26 Amazon Shopping Secrets Amazon doesn’t want You To Know!

Amazon is amazing ( duh ) , I know! But it’s huge – and I bet there are tricks and tips to shopping on Amazon that you didn’t know were there. Here I am going to show you 25 Amazon Shopping Secrets Amazon doesn’t want You To Know! Let me know what Trick / Tip / secret / you like best! Enjoy.

#1. You can email Jeff Bezos’s himself = [email protected] or [email protected]. You may even get a reply from or his assistants.

#2. You can get Amazon Prime for ONLY $5.99 a month if you have a valid EBT or Medicaid card [ GO HERE ] and check it out.

#3. You can ADD Friends / Family to your Amazon Prime account for FREE! Maybe split the cost? [ GO HERE ] to check it out!

#4. You can get a STUDENT Amazon Prime for 1/2 off! Yup! 1/2 the price. [ GO HERE ] to get all the details.

#5. Don’t really care about the free shipping but WANT all the digital perks to Amazon Prime? There is a service you can sign up called Amazon Prime VIDEO ! [ GO HERE ] to sign up for it and check it out.

#4. BUT … Guess what? Don’t even need Amazon Prime to get Free shipping! Nope. To get free shipping without Amazon Prime just fill up your cart with items that are $25 or more ! If you are short an item or two you can use a great webpage called FillerItems.com where can find items for a certain Dollar amount to get your to that threshold of $25 dollars.

#5. Get Freebies direct from Amazon. It’s called Direct Ship Freebies. I did a huge blog post on it [ HERE ] and did a video on it [ HERE ]. It’s will blow your mind if you’ve never heard about it.

What about DEALS?
Get insane deals on Amazon In these places:

#6. Amazon Warehouse [ HERE ] – This is Returned and Damaged boxed items at discounted prices.

#7. Amazon Renewed [ HERE ] – These are Amazon Refurbished items.

#8. Amazon Outlet [ HERE ] – These are OVER Stocked items on Amazon.

#9. Amazon Coupons! [ HERE ] – YUP! Amazon offers TONS of insane coupons on already discounted items. Things like shampoo, makeup, diapers. The list really is never ending. It’s amazing. You may never step inside a ” real ” store again. Combine these coupons with Subscribe and Save for even more amazing deals!

#10. Amazon Launch Pad Deals Under $10 [ HERE ] – These are Unique items and gifts ideas under $10.00 .

More Ways to get amazing discounts?
Here are some one my top tricks to find the deals…. 

#10. Amazon Shopping Deal HACK!  – Add the following the end of the your url when you are searching under and particular category: &pct-off=90–   or if you are looking for items that are 50% Off to 90% off add this: &pct-off=90-50-  . Admittedly this is not a prefect science. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it doesn’t.  So here are some pre-made link so you can see how it works.

#11. Another Amazon Shopping Deal HACK! – Next “trick ” is to just type in what you want. So, for example, if you are looking for earrings under $5.00. Just search , ” Earrings under $5.00 ” .

#12. What about those sellers discount codes? How do you get them? Well…. the way to get your hands on amazing seller discount codes is to check out some of the amazon deal groups on Facebook. Sellers often send deal group admins 100’s of deal codes. The admins then sift through all the codes and post the best ones they find. Here’s my favorite group ( and the one I run! Along with a handful of other amazing admins ):

#12. Amazon Movers and Shakers – Amazon’s movers and shakers is a list of the biggest gainers in Amazon sales rank over the past 24 hours. It’s divided into categories too! A lot of times you can find some amazing deals in there. This is because if a certain product is selling like crazy it’s usually ( but not always ) because it’s at an amazing PRICE!

#13. Finding Amazon Discount codes is a great way to get amazing deals. However, where do you find them? Great question! Sellers email people who posts deals (  like me ) 100’s of codes a day because they want to get there items in front of as many faces as possible! You find people who post Amazon Coupon code deals on Facebook Amazon Deal groups. I, actually, run one! Imagine that?!? It’s me and 4 other admins working night and day on finding you the best amazon deals and coupon codes. It’s Called ” Becky’s Deals “. 

#14. Speaking of Amazon Codes… You can also add the webpage browser extension Get Honey { [ CLICK HERE ] to Join } to your internet browers. GetHoney will automatically add any coupon codes at check out. It works okay for Amazon.

#15. BUT How do know if a deal is really a deal after all?  I also HIGHLY recommended the webpage browser extension called PopCart. Popcart is another webpage browser extension that compares the price of the same exact item from different stores on the side of your screen. It’s amazing! { GO HERE } to snag it up. It’s my favorite! CamelCamelCamel is also another Great Price Comparison tool! 

Other Amazon Tricks and Hacks that Amazon Doesn’t want YOU to know about… 

#16. If you buy an item and it drops in price within the 24 hours that you bought THEY will refund you the difference. The item must be ” Sold By And Shipped by Amazon” . 

#17. If you get an item that is suppose to get to you in 2 days and it’s late contact Amazon Customer service and they will either refund you some of your Amazon Prime amount, OR they might extend the day your Amazon Prime members ship expires! 

#18. Keep in the price of an item that is the ” Buy Box ” may NOT be the best price. ALWAYS check to see what the other sellers are selling that same item for. Confused? See the images below to help see what I mean! 

#19. Amazon is working on service called ” Price Air ” . It will get you your orders in 30 minutes to an HOUR! [ GO HERE ] to see all about it!  like – omg. 

#20. Amazon has it’s OWN webpage browser extension called Amazon Assistant! Check it out. It’s great for helping with price comparison, and finding deals. Sometimes ( NOT ALWAYS )  they have a promotion going on where they will  give $5.00 credit just for installing it. [ GO HERE ] to check it out! 

#21. HACK! – If you want an item but want to see if it will drop in price, you can add an item to your cart then “Save it for Later “. Amazon will notify you by email if that item drops in price! 

#22. Want FREE Amazon Credits?! Right now if you Try Amazon Cash for the first time by adding $30 or more to your Amazon Balance and earn a $5 Amazon Credit towards your next purchase on Amazon.com. Your discount will automatically be applied at checkout. This is a limited time offer, one per Amazon customer account. The promotional credit expires on November 30, 2020. [ GO HERE ] to check it out! 

#23. Don’t forget Amazon Smile!  Shop at smile.amazon.com and we’ll donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to your favorite charitable. There is NO extra cost to you and there are 1 million+ Charities for you to pick from. 

#24. Buy any BIG Amazon Purchase with a discounted gift card. Some of my favorite places to get FREE Gift Cards are places like  [ Raise ][ Gift Card Granny ] or ever [ EBAY! ]. My favorite is Raise.com [ GO HERE ] because when you sign up you Get a FREE $5.00 credit. Which is basically FREE Money!

#25. Use FREE Gift Cards when buying stuff on Amazon! There are TONS of ways to get free gift cards on now a days. In fact, I just wrote an HUGE article on 101 ways to get FREE Gift cards [ HERE ]. Here are just a few of my favorite ways to get free Gift Cards:

#26. Speaking of Gift Cards… You can trade in your OLD electrics ( any of them, NOT JUST Amazon devices ) to get free Amazon Credits and a FREE 20% Off coupon toward Amazon devices. It’s called Amazon Trade In! [ GO HERE ] To check that out!

Thanks for reading! If you have any tips and tricks that Amazon Doesn’t want you to know about that I may have left out leave them in comments below. Also, let know which tip or trick you liked the best! Love you all. Thanks for stopping by.

Confused how to this webpage works? [ CLICK HERE ] to see my blog about ” How Does This Work? ” 

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