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2 Whopper Meals TOTALLY FREE !

Whoa Check out this INSANE DEAL! It involves 2 parts to get it. I did it!

  • Step 1 Download the Burger King App. on your phone. You will then see deals like 2 Whopper Jr. Meals for ONLY $5.00. My app had a bunch of different meals that were get 2 for $5.00.
  • Step 2 is to get Fetch Rewards app on your phone via itunes or google play. YOU MUST enter code : U8EWC for this work . If you do not it will NOT WORK. 
  • THEN Upload ANY Receipt. ANY AT ALL. You will get 4,000 Points ( $4.00 ) for using my Referral code. Then 1,000 Points ( $1.00 ) for uploading a receipt.
  • Then use your 5,000 and get a $5.00 Burger King Gift Card.
  • Use the $5.00 Burger King Gift Card with ANY $5.00 Coupon Deal in the Burger King App! 
  • NOTE : the 4,000 points with Fetch rewards is a limited time offer. Once this is over it will drop down to 3,000 Points ( $3.00 ). When this happens you can always wait to get the $5.00 Burger King gift card, OR cash in your points right away for a $3.00 Amazon Gift Card!

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