12 Black Friday Secrets Retailers Don’t Want You To Know.

In this article I am going to tell you all about 12 Black Friday Secrets Retailers Don’t Want You To Know! This year more than ever stores are doing most of their Black Friday deals ONLINE and not in stores. Also, while Christmas is still almost 2 months away many retailers have STARTED with ” Black Friday ” Sales already. So, don’t wait! Get to know these 12 secrets and use them to get best deals possible on already heavy discounted black Friday deals.

#1. Use Discounted gift Cards. Why Give your money away? Buy discounted gift cards at places like [ Raise ], [ Gift Card Granny ] or ever [ EBAY! ]. My favorite is Raise.com [ GO HERE ] because when you sign up you Get a FREE $5.00 credit. Which is basically FREE Money!

#2. Know If It’s REALLY a Discount: ” Discounts” are sometimes NOT Discounts at all. Sometimes retailers are tricky and raise the price of items, and then ” Discount them ” . Be sure to Use Price comparison Tools like PopCart { My FAVORITE! } , Price Grabber , or ShopZilla

#3. Discount Codes: Secret #3 of Black Friday Secrets Retailers Don’t Want You To Know is that You NEED Discount Codes! But where do you find them. If you Don’t have ” Honey ” You are missing out. What Honey does is it ADDS coupon Codes at check out for YOU! No more searching for them. Get all the discounts you didn’t even know where there. PLUS, you can use this browser extension for cashback AND a price Comparison tool! Snag it [ HERE! ] .

#4. Use Cashback Sites! In this day and age if you are NOT using a Cashback site you are crazy! It’s free money people! There are ton of them out there. My favorite is by far Ebates. This is because right now they are giving YOU $40 back on $40! That’s $40 FREE bucks! Just [ GO HERE ] to join. Some other cashback sites are BeFrugal and TopsCashBack.

#5. Hack Alert! Retailers don’t want you to know this secret little black friday secret hack! I love this Black Friday / Shopping online hack! If you see something you love, and it’s not an item that’s going to sell out fast… Then, Add Item to your cart ( be sure you sign up for an account with them ). Then, LEAVE. Leave the sign with your items in the cart. Many time they will send you a coupon for 10% – 30% Off! This ” trick ” / ” Hack ” doesn’t work on major retails likes amazon or Target. However, it works great for smaller retailers!

#6. Find ” Leaked ” Ads : Check webpages like https://bestblackfriday.com/ads for ” Leaked ” Black Friday Ads early.

#7. What if you Miss a Deal?!? If you a miss a deal that’s OK! It’ll probably go on sale again before Christmas. Items like Toys tend to go even lower then Black Friday Prices near Christmas time.

#8. Amazon Devices: Looking for deals on Amazon Devices like the Echo’s , Kindles, Amazon tablets and Firesticks? They will go there lowest they are ALL Year on Actual Black Friday and the weekend of Black Friday. MANY of the CRAZY low deals will sell out fast. So, if you are looking to score one there devices add it to your cart days before and check out as soon as you wake up in the morning.

#9. In Stock Guarantee: Some Stores ( NOT ALL ) offer ” In Stock Guarantee ” . So, if there’s a hot deal and it does ” sell out ” they will offer it to you at the same price when it comes back into stock. Just search the store’s name + In stock Guarantee on google.

#10. Sign Up NOW! I Highly recommend you Sign up for stores email or ” clubs ” or whatever they are calling it a few days BEFORE Black Friday Sales start for extra Discounts. Sometimes these emails do take a few days to get to your email box so give it some time.

#11. Price Matching? This is a bummer, I know, but Keep in mind many stores will not price match on Black Friday!

#12. FREE Gift Cards ! There are TONS of ways to get free gift cards on now a days. In fact, I just wrote an HUGE article on 101 ways to get FREE Gift cards [ HERE ].
Here are just a few of my favorite ways to get free Gift Cards:

  1. Fetch Rewards . 1st, by downloading fetch on your phone from the apple apps store or google play. Then follow these instructions STEP by STEP!
    • Get Fetch Rewards On your phone.
    • ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
    • You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
    • $1.00 for scanning a receipt. 
    • $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
    • ONLY A $3.00 Minimum to cash out !
  2. InstaGC [ GO HERE ] to Join. Get points JUST for logging in here and there. Cash out is ONLY $1.00! It’s seriously the EASIEST way to get free gift cards! It won’t disappoint you.
  3. 🌟 🌟 🌟 Swagbucks [ GO HERE ] to Join . I love Swagbucks! Swagbucks – Get a FREE $14.50 ! 1st, Get $10 just for signing up. Then Get 50 Points ( $0.50 ) for adding their extension. Next, 100 Points for linking a card ( $1.00 ). 300 Points ( $3.00 ) BONUS after you earn your 1st 300 points. Last, it’s SO EASY to make money with Swagbucks! [CLICK HERE]. 
  4. Shopkicks = Shopkick is the app that rewards you for shopping in-store and online. Keep in mind, you can Earn reward points (we call them kicks), then redeem for a wide selection of free gift cards!
  5. Get Miles – Download the app and earn gift cards just for riding in your car. It’s that simple. The offers are not that great but a few times a month they will offer you a gift card ! Grab it as soon as you see it!
  6. Ebates – Get a FREE $10 when you spend $25 Just for Signing up! Get a FREE $5.00 for referring people! [CLICK HERE! ]  
  7. Top Cash Back – Just as the name says, you’ll get Top Cash Back on a ton of online purchases. Many times this the TOP cash back program around! PLUS, earn $30 ( YES – $30 ) for referring friends! [ GO HERE ]
  8. Join Honey – I mean you CAN NOT LIVE without this browser extension. Trust me. lol! It automatically inserts coupon codes for you saving you tons. PLUS, you earn gift cards just for using it. By far one of my favorite ways to get free gift cards EVER! [ GO HERE }
  9. Ibbotta – Do you shop at the grocery store ever? lol. Of course you do ! Then you need Ibbotta or your basically throwing money away. It’s the easiest way to get free gift cards from stuff you already buy at the store. [ GO HERE ] and sign up!
  10. Pop cart – $5.00 FREE Amazon Gift Card just for signing up, and $5.00 for every friend you refer. Another one of my all time favorite online extensions. Use in combination with Join Honey to save TONS. Popcart is a chrome extension that shops multiple retailers behind the scenes as you shop in order to ensure you always get the best price. It works on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Ulta and many more are coming soon.  [ RUN = Go HERE ] To Sign Up!

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