11 Habits Keeping You Poor!

Years ago, back when we had our first kiddo, I left my job to stay at home with the baby full time. While that was great and no doubt what I wanted, it put a HUGE financial strain on us. It cut our income in HALF and like other families, we had a some debt racked up ($30,000!) I knew if we didn’t make some major lifestyle changes, we were not going to make it! I dove deep into learning all I could about how to be frugal. Guess what? We paid off EVERY PENNY of that debt in only 8 months. Read on for 11 common habits that could be keeping you broke. Good news is, with some awareness and some work on your end, you can change all that for the better.

  • Money Mindset: I bet you’ve never thought much about your unique set of beliefs surrounding money. I read this great book that really opened my eyes (You Are a Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. They can be subconscious. A couple of examples were for me personally I’d see someone rich looking and assume they are stuck up. Another is a one a lot of us have; not wanting to handle money because it feels dirty. If something’s dirty, you don’t want it around, right? To get your wheels turning about what beliefs you have that could be holding your back, check out my FREE Money Mindset Quiz {HERE} Then, tackle forming new attitudes and beliefs with my Money Mindset Kit.
  • Stop Blaming Others: I’m guilty of these, chances are most of us are! “Taxes are too high.” “Well, if the gas prices weren’t so high, I’d have money left over.” Sound familiar? The problem with blaming external sources for our troubles is it attempts to deflect the responsibility off ourselves and makes us the victims. Blaming never put money in your pocket. And, speaking of money in your pocket….
  • QUIT THE CARELESS SPENDING! Add up all the money coming in and going out of your bank account. Then, sit down and add up the unnecessary purchases; things you absolutely did not need to buy or do. Shocking, isn’t it? Now imagine that amount in your SAVINGS at the end of the month. Then grab my free budget template!
  • Relying on credit cards: If you cannot use it responsibly, don’t use it. They are in business because the majority of consumers DON’T pay off their balance in full every month. If in the past you’ve used credit cards and SWORE you’d pay it in full at the end of the month but didn’t, stop the cycle. The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior again and again and expecting a different outcome.
  • Tomorrow will be different: It’s so easy to kick our goals down the road. Making life changes is scary, and our human nature wants to keep us comfortable, even if that means staying the same. Make WHEN right now. Stop waiting for money to fall in your lap. Take small steps starting today towards your goals. Create a budget, check out all the info I’ve rounded up for you on how to cut your costs, check out all the ways you can create a side hustle for extra income.
  • Trying to do it all (at once): Trying to change too many things in your life at once is usually a recipe for disaster. It gets overwhelming, which leads to frustration, which leads to burnout. Dare I say a lot of us have an “all or nothing” mentality meaning if I can’t do it all right and perfect right away, I won’t do it at all. Tackle one area of your money or money mindset you want to change. Work on that for a few months, and when that new way becomes an automatic habit, start trying out a new one! This way of overhauling your habits does take longer, but you’re much more likely to stick with it. I recommend starting with creating your budget and tracking what you spend on what first.
  • Spending More: (As Your Make More) I know I’m guilty of this! As you get a raise, or have a small windfall, the temptation is there to spend it! Get into the habit of budgeting and spending like you don’t have that extra money or windfall watch your savings add up.
  • Plan for your Goals – It’s really no fun to scrimp and save indefinitely. Life is too short and you have to have goals in mind for those savings to have fun too. Have a plan for the money you save. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime family vacation, or house project, it’ll be easier to make frugality a lifestyle if you know the reward you are working towards.
  • You’re the Average – Have you ever heard this? You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Be the energy you want to attract. If you want to learn to be more frugal, why not find some social circles with other people like you? It’s a lot like joining a workout group when you want to get in better shape. At first it looks like everyone is so much further along than you, but let people that are further along in their journeys motivate you! Pick their brains, find out how they got the results they have gotten.
  • Get Yourself a Side Hustle: I know, I know, we’re all busy! Whether you have no extra time or maybe a little extra time, there is a side hustle out there and a way you can make a little extra money. Check out my Work From Home Bundle Kit to get some ideas of what you can do from the comfort of home today to pad your bank account with some extra. {Grab it HERE}
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Nothing grows in your comfort zone. If you want and need drastic changes in your life, you’ll have to make changes. Everything just stays the same in your comfort zone. Take a small step or two at a time like we discussed above and before you know it, your comfort zone will have greatly expanded.
  • Not Automating Savings: How many of us use automatic bill pay? I bet lots of us do! Why not make putting a little money into savings the same easy process? Most online banking through your bank will make it FAST and EASY to set up an auto transfers every week, every other week, every month, WHENEVER! Acorns is a service that rounds up your bills, and invests the spare change. For example, say your cable bill is $74.74. $75 is deducted from your account and the $0.26 goes into Acorns. It is AMAZING how fast a little adds up. {LEARN MORE AND JOIN ACORNS HERE}

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