100% FREE Domino’s Pizza !

Hey Freebie Squad ! I literally could eat pizza everyday of my life and not get sick of it. lol. Hurry and follow these directions and you will get a 100% free Domino’s pizza – THE ENTIRE Pizza!

  • Create a Piece of the Pie Rewards account
  • Next, be sure to Download Domino’s Mobile app
  • Sign in on the mobile app, you must Confirm account by phone number
  • You will then Receive a unique code
  • Open app and look for Pizza Scanner
  • Take pic and Receive 10 Points
  • Repeat at least once for the next six weeks
  • After 6 weeks you will have 60 points and you can redeem it for a totally FREE Pizza!

It’s seriously SO easy – I’ve done it already. Easiest pizza i’ve ever gotton.


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