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  1. Gift please!

    • I DO NOT send out the freebies. Please follow the directions in each post. Also, read this… It may help:

      Here are a few links to a few freebies that EVERYONE gets. Simply READ the post and follow all the directions on the post. THEN, when you click through to the offer page simply fill out your name and address. You will GET your Free Samples in 3 to 8 weeks.

      Also, keep in mind that I DO NOT give out the freebies. I have NOTHING to do with who gets them and who doesn’t. I TELL you about OTHER companies giving them away and teach you how to get them BUT I do NOT send them out myself.

      Again – these are freebies that EVERYONE gets. You will not have to fill out any surveys AT ALL. If in 8 weeks-ish you still didn’t get anything then you may have clicked on an ad instead of the offer? If you are using a P.O. BOX then that might be why? Rare cases someone is stealing your mail? You are typing in the offers wrong?

      Let me know you have read this!
      Also, for even more help you can GO HERE :

      List of Freebies EVERYONE Gets with NO Surveys!
      #1. Sticker :
      #2. Fiber Drink Sample :
      #3. Emerganc Sample:
      #4. Poise Starter Pack :
      #5. I promise Cards:
      #6. Breath Right Strips:
      #7. Starbucks recipe book ( 60 Recipes ) !:
      Thanks! Becky
      ++ Again – Please let me know that you got this, and if it was helpful!

  2. Yes I received the email.Starting now to try for some freebies

  3. I love all Freebies please and thank you!

  4. Thank you for taking so much time to post freebies. I know it can be frustrating, especially when people don’t take the time to read and expect you to send them the stuff, after you’ve clearly stated that you aren’t the one sending anything out LOL!!! But for the rest of us who are more than happy to do the little bit required to get the free things, thank you very much!!!

  5. What if I already have the app?

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