10 ways to make Passive Income WITH Amazon!

I don’t know about you but when I hear the words ” passive income ” I immediately think about the silly ads on web pages featuring some ” guru ” telling me how they made a million dollars while they were sleeping. Also, if you know me at all you know I am NOT that kind of slimmy sales person at all!

In fact, I am not here to sell you anything!! I just want to show you some great ways to make some extra, side income with Amazon. Many of these I bet you haven’t heard even heard of.

Let me know which ones you’re going to try and not try in the comments below.

Selling printable kids printables, lesson plans, classroom games and MORE!

Make and SELL Kids Books!

Cute Quotes, or Images on T-shirts, mug & More. YOU HOLD NO Merchandise!

  • Have you ever seen cute quotes like, ” soccer mom mode” on a T-Shirt or Mug on Amazon? Sure you have! Regular people just like you and me are creating these designs and selling them. They are printed on demand by Amazon.
  • Basically, here is how it works… You make the design, quote, image and Amazon puts it on a Shirt, Mug, or other items. You hold no merchandise!
  • Even better amazon will create a product page on Amazon and when customers buy your product, they will handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs.
  • You can make your quotes or images with [ Canva – GO HERE ] or [ PicMonkey – Go HERE ]
  • Go HERE to get Started with Amazon Merch!
  • The appeal of Amazon Merch is that you hold little to no risk. The only thing you lose is the time you spent making the shirts. However, I will tell you it’s a pretty popular program and the competition is high. It’s worth looking into though and giving it a try!

Join ” Fulfilled By Amazon ” FBA – Become a 3rd party seller with Amazon.

Fulfilled by Amazon ( FBA ) is probably Amazon most well known way to make passive income. And, in an effort of full disclosure, my sisters are million dollar FBA Sellers – meaning they sell 1 million dollars+ in products a year with Amazon. Crazy, right?!?

Have you ever been on Amazon and you’ve seen where it says, ” Sold by ….. shipped by Amazon ” ( see image below ) ? These are 3rd party sellers on Amazon. How it works ( in very simplified terms ) is you send products into Amazon’s Warehouses. Then when they are sold Amazon ships them, does all the processing and customer service and you get paid. Of course Amazon keeps a portion of the sale.

Ships From Amazon, SOLD BY….. This is an FBA Seller!

While my sisters are Million dollar sellers you can make great extra money doing FBA on the side even NOT as million dollar sellers. You can start off just sending in items from your house, or find clearance sales! It’s super easy to get started.

Amazon give you step by step directions to get started and there are tons , upon tons of youtube videos to teach you the ins and out of the program.

Keep in mind while it is easy to get started, and free to join this is only a brief summery of the FBA program. You can take the program as big or small as would like!

{ GO HERE } to get started with Amazon’s FBA program!

Amazon’s Affilate Program.

Amazon’s Affiliate program is probably one the most well-known affiliate programs online anywhere. { Again, full disclosure, I am an amazon affiliate! I am also an “ Amazon influencer ” , [ GO HERE ] to check out my influencer page .}

The way amazon’s affiliate program works is you post amazon products with your unique amazon affiliate links. When someone buys the item using YOUR links you get a % of that sale. The % is anywhere from 1% to 10% depending on the category. The links can be used your blog, a facebook group and * Almost * anywhere online!

Keep in mind that once accepted in the program Amazon does have pretty strict rules in their Terms of Service where you can and can not put links. For example, links can not be shared in PRIVATE facebook groups, or via private messages. If you decide to become an Amazon Affiliate I strongly encourage you to know the ins and outs of their terms of service!

[ GO HERE ] to sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate !

Other ways…. to make passive income with Amazon!

Here are a few more ways to make passive income on amazon. These take a little more experience, time and sometimes money to get going on them. However, I definitely think they are worth mentioning!

Drop Ship with Amazon.

Drop shipping with Amazon is very similar to FBA. However, with drop shipping you would create your OWN online store using a platform like Shopify. Then when a customer bought from YOUR Store Amazon would shipped it for you, rather than you shipping it.

Drop shipping has been around for ages and it can be a great way to start a business. However, I am listing it in the ” Other ” category because I wouldn’t really recommend it for an ” easy” start-up.

Compared to starting up a lot of other businesses drop-shipping is lower risk, and easier. It will still take you A LOT of time to create a webpage and get visitors to your webpage. Furthermore, while you don’t ” hold ” the merchandise at your home, you still need to invest in the merchandise that is going to be listed in your online store.

If you are looking to invest your time and money into a full-time business this might be for you though! I would recommend just using Google and Youtube to learn the ins and outs of drop shipping with Amazon. There are endless FREE resources about it online!

Create Amazon Alexa Apps.

Creating an Alexa ” Skill ” ( or app. ) isn’t for everyone. 1st you have to think of an unique idea for an app. that someone else hasn’t though of, then you need to develop it, and then sell it. HOWEVER, if you do all that it can be an amazing way to make passive income.

If this is something you might be interested in I would start [ HERE ] and read about it directly from Amazon itself. If you have zero app. development skills ( like me ) then you can hire someone to create your idea(s) on Fivver [ GO HERE ].

Create your own private label brand on Amazon.

I am sure when searching on Amazon you’ve seen generic items, like generic Knife sets or Generic even baskets… The list goes on and on and on. These ” Generic ” items are usually created by private label brands and sold by using amazon’s FBA system.

In very over simplified terms a business finds a factory ( over seas ) that is already creating a certain product ( like a knife set ). Then they pay to have to item made BUT with the businesses Logo and packaging. Usually the purchase is in bulk. Then the items are sent to the business. The business processes them and sends them into amazon for FBA.

Again, there’s a lot to know and a lot to invest. People make great money doing this. However, I would recommend if you are thinking about doing this then get your feet wet with doing just FBA.

Amazon Handmade 

Amazon handmade is very similar to Etsy. So, if you have a physical , handmade product that you have created it’s a GREAT place to sell it. However, I included it in the ” other ” section of this post because I know you many of you may not be a creator.

Amazon Influencer.

Amazon Influencer is very similar to Amazon Affiliates. However, with Amazon Influencer you create a Store Front. This store front can be shared on all of your social media and has less restrictions than direct links from Amazon Affiliates. In order to become an Amazon Influencer you must 1st become an amazon associated. Then, you can apply to become an amazon Influencer. You must meet the requirements of number of followers in on a specific platform to get approved. If you would like to look at my Amazon Influencer store front [ GO HERE ] .

These are great ways to make passive income on Amazon. Let me know which ones you are going to try and which ones your not going to try!

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