Happy Sunday Freebie squad. How is your weekend going??! Remember you can ALWAYS reach out to me and tell me. This week was filled with a ton of fun for my boys and I. Summer vacation is in full swing and we are taking FULL advantage of the free time to spend it hanging out, taking adventures and enjoying each other. I feel like i am one of the few moms who LOVE summer break. How about you!? Anyways, enjoy this weeks list. It’s great if I do say so myself.

Remember that I DO NOT give out the freebies. So please do not ask me to send you any freebies! 2nd ) Again, I DO NOT GIVE OUT THE FREEBIES. I know I said the same thing twice but I wanted to make sure you were listening. The list goes in order of when they were posted starting form the furthest date away ( 1 week ago ). If you like this freebies list PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment below! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  Love you all freebie Squad!

  1. 100% FREE Amazon Gift Card { $4.00 ! }
  2. MY NEW FAVORITE Site:  Make Money Survey ! HIGHLY RATED!
  3. Free Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle!
  4. Totally FREE $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card!
  5. Free Goodie Box By Mail ! { I got mine ! }
  6. RUN! Get $80.00 worth of Beauty Item FOR ONLY $1.00 !
  7. 🔥🔥 ENDS tomorrow! 🔥🔥 It’s CONTEST TIME! JUST GOT BETTER! Details Inside!
  8. FREE by Mail Vichy Mineral 89
  9. FREE Berkshire Reversible Throw Blanket !
  10. FREE LED Keychain and Light Bulbs!
  11. Free Sample By Mail of CBD Pain Relief!
  12. Totally FREE Tom Ford Foundation by mail!
  13. NEW! Make Money Survey ! HIGHLY RATED!
  14. DEAL : UGG Sandals, Slippers and More!
  15. Free Tanasi CBD By Mail!
  17. Totally FREE Us Weekly Subscription !
  18. Free Personal Pan Pizza!
  19. Possible FREE Beauty Counter Rripeptide Radiance Serum!
  20. 😮 Free Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle!
  21. FREE Dog Food Sample by mail! SUPER Easy!
  22. Free Hand Sanitizer!
  23. Totally Free Smart Electric Toothbrush!
  24. 2 Free Cans of Dave’s Pet Food!
  25. Free NaturaBisse Skincare Samples!
  26. Totally Free LivBar!
  27. Possible Free Target Home Products!
  28. Possible Free Murad InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment!
  29. Free Unbun Foods Vegan Buns!
  30. Free Joint Health Supplement!
  31. FREE Sample by Mail of IT Cosmetics CC Cream!
  32. Possible Free Drano Hair Buster Gel!
  33. Free Sample by Mail of Fussie Cat Food!
  34. Free Sinclair Oil Dino Sticker!
  35. Free Samples by Mail of Skinceuticals Cream or Serum!
  36. FREE OXO Kitchen Products!
  37. Free Samples by Mail of Viktor & Rolf Fragrance!
  38. Possible Free $85 Home Improvement Research Study
  39. Free Sample by Mail of Torched Pre-Workout Supplement!
  40. Free Upgrade Your Summer Bottle Opener!
  41. Totally FREE Stock = $3.00 to $200.00 ! So Easy!
  42. FREE Mason Jar Candles!
  43. POSSIBLE FREE Training Pants!
  44. TOTALLY FREE Student Publishing Kit! So Fun!
  45. Possible FREE By Mail of Persil® ProClean® OXI Power Discs!
  46. FREE AA or AAA Duracell Batteries !
  47. RUN! 🏃 4 NEW Direct Ship Forms!
  48. Possible FREE Murad Skin Care!
  49. Free Sample By Mail Of Dove!
  50. LAST DAY! Free 8 X 10 Photo!
  51. Free Truvia Natural Sweetener Sample!
  52. Free doTERRA Essential Oils Sample by Mail!
  53. OMG! RUN – Slots OPEN Again! Earn Easy EXTRA CASH!
  54. FREE Sample By Mail Of Instant Ageless !
  55. Free CBD Tea Samples By Mail!
  56. SUPER Easy – Free Degree Deodorant !
  57. Free 1-Year Subscription to Vanity Fair !
  58. Free PayPal CASH ( Or Other Gift Cards ! ) !
  59. $30 Kate Spade Purses ! RUNNN!
  60. Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack by Mail!
  61. RUN – 100% Free Stuff From Macy’s
  62. TOTALLY Free Sunscreen Sample By Mail!
  63. TOTALLY FREE Clothes or Accessory ! RUNNN!
  64. I’m On Instagram! CHECK ME OUT!!!!
  65. FREE Visa Gift Card ! { To Everyone! }
  66. Free Sample by Mail of Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  67. $10 Free at Lane Bryant!
  68. Free PayPal CASH ( Or Other Gift Cards ! ) !
  69. Free Prevail Incontinence Product Sample Kit!
  70. Totally Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film
  71. 10 Free Promise Cards!
  72. Free Beauty Bag with Free Samples!
  73. FREE 3 Piece Tender Meal at Popeye’s !
  74. Allure Beauty Boxes!
  75. EASY ! Free ” Lucky Knot ” Sticker By Mail!



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