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The Past Couple year I have had to pay NOTHING or almost nothing out of pocket for Christmas. Christmas has been ALMOST completely free. I’m not kidding, exaggerating , lying! I promise! So, let’s get right to it – HOW did I do this?  I did it through [ CLICK HERE ] Swagbucks. If you’ve never heard of it STOP EVERYTHING and [ GO HERE  ] And sign up!

Here’s how it works – it’s easy. You earn points by doing almost everything. You can watch short video clips, you can do surveys, every time you buy ANYTHING do it through Swagbucks and get a % back in points. ALSO, they have trail offers you can sign up for an get even more points back. These points can be redeemed for gift cards. So far I have enough points to get $150 in gift cards ( See Screenshot Below! ) ! So, here is how I use Swagbucks to pay for Christmas… ( NOTE you CAN NOT start in December. You have to START NOW! Otherwise you won’t have enough time! )… When I am sitting down doing nothing – like let’s say picking up my son from school – I just do a quick survey or two. I ALWAYS use it when I buy something too! You can even link your credit card information so that when you buy something at a store you get points back! When I this as much as I can for a FULL year it EASILY pays for Christmas. ANYONE CAN DO IT! Seriously – GO SIGN UP NOW HERE ! ( [ CLICK HERE ]  to see my list of ways to get free Money. ) 

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    donna dial
    July 28, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    like this program

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