Day 25 of 365 Days of Giving…

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Have you ever had something in the back of your mind and you thought , ” wouldn’t it be cool to _____ [ fill in th blank ] .” Well I miss 25 days of 365 days of giving I finally did one of those things that I thought would be cool to do.

Couple years ago my mom spent three months or maybe longer in a nursing home. We honestly thought she would spend the rest of her life there. She was recovering from being on a ventilator for the second time and less than two months. The future for her was not bright. And , truth be told, we spent most of the time arranging for her death. I visited her every single day in that nursing home. In most days I dragged Along by then two-year-old. My son George is the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet but he’s definitely high energy. And when we would visit him in the nursing home he was a tornado let loose. He opened every drawer he could get his hands on and pushed every button he could find in the place. But the residents loved it! They loved his little visits even if he did create chaos. And ever since then I have been thinking instead of dog therapy why don’t they do kids therapy and nursing homes! Invite a bunch of little kids to the nursing home and do some fun activities.
But I never really got around to seeing if I can make that happen. Until today.

I reached out to a woman I saw on a local Facebook that I knew was a director of a local nursing home. I just reached out and asked her if this was something that could be done. She loved the idea! And we settled on a date Presidents Day. So it is my job to organize 7 to 10 parents and kids for the fun , ” intergenerational game Day.” I’m so excited about this!

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