Day 14 Of 365 Days Of Kindness : Something A little Unconventional.

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This story is definitely a little unconventional … Last spring .. or maybe summer I got in a car accident with a gentleman in the parking lot of my son’s per-school. I had nothing on me that I should have ( no drivers license , in insurance card, no wallet – nothing! )  because we were running late. The baby was practically a newborn so I am sure I didn’t sleep great the night before and we were still getting into the groove of George attending school. So, even before the car accident happened I was frazzled. No one was hurt and neither of our cars were damaged but I was still shook up from the entire ordeal .

The man who drove the other car was dressed to the nine. Suit, jacket, vest, bow-tie and a nice briefcase. To top it all off his car was nice. Really nice ….. and my car isn’t. It has almost 200,000 miles on it ( but it still running strong ) and is covered in a thin layer of gold fish and milk. I suspected this guy – who was much older with a hearing aide – was going to be a jerk about the entire thing. BUT he wasn’t. He was as sweet as he could be about everything. Just so, so, so nice about it ALL.

We did exchange information because that is what you do .. I guess. But I never forgot his kindness in that moment. Ever. I have been meaning to getting around to sending him a thank you note but like a lot of things in life I ” never got around to it “.  I believe thank you cards always follow the rule of thumb ” Better late then never.”. So today was the day. I sent this man a thank you card, not for the accident but for his kindness in that moment. I also donated a little to The Wounded Warrior Fund in his name. When we got in the accident I noticed he has a Wounded Warrior Fund Sticker on this car , so I am assuming it was something that meant something to him….

Cheers to kindness!

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